I’m a designer and illustrator creating in four dimensions from the hills of Central Vermont. While I’m pretty savvy with all the technical wizardry necessary to bring projects from sketched on a napkin to real life in the modern day, I’m also a bit of a Luddite, taking every project as far as I can with pen and paper before I get in front of the monitor.

My dance card’s been filled with branding, packaging, events promotion, and concept illustration for regional, national, and international brands. I love doing things for the first time, and figuring out the tricks to make it better and faster the next time around. In my spare time, I’ve been known to lose the group I’m traveling with because I got distracted recording a particularly well crafted manufacturer’s stamp on a fire hydrant in my sketchbook, and am pretty happy exploring the world of color theory with a spray can in my hand.

Got something fun to work on together? Drop me a line.


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